Washington State is known for numerous national parks, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, and of course, Seattle. You cannot really see all of Seattle in one trip – The list of to-dos is huge. In this post, we are covering the important things that need your attention!

Pike Place Market

Easily among the most iconic locations in Seattle, Pike Place Market is known for its fresh seafood and farm produce stores, and you will find a bunch of amazing restaurants, cafés, and bakeries too. Grab a cup of coffee and go around – We promise you will spend hours without thinking twice.

The Seattle Center

If you love arts and culture, you must make time for Seattle Center. The most popular attraction is, of course, Space Needle, but do check the International Fountain, which is quite fun. Events and shows keep happening, so you are never likely to feel bored. Weekends are particularly busy. Don’t miss the top view from Space Needle!

Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Located in downtown Seattle, this museum also maintains the Olympic Sculpture Park, which is just a mile away. If you are interested in arts, you will love the exhibits here. Works of Giovanni di Paolo are on display besides other known artists. There are also special shows now and then (check for details online).

Head to Arlington

If you want to take an escape from the city rush, head to Arlington, which is just an hour’s drive from Seattle. It is also home to many new casinos near Seattle, and some are fascinating casino resorts, so you can stay back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this small city. Arlington also has other attractions and is close to Everett.

The Seattle Great Wheel

You have seen giant Ferris wheels, but the Seattle Great Wheel stands out. The capsule enclosures offer panoramic views of the city in all seasons, and there is a special VIP pod too. Seattle Great Wheel is open until midnight, and we recommend that you consider a ride in the evening.

Final word

If you still have some time left, there are also other places to see – Museum of Flight, Washington Park Arboretum, Sky View Observatory, Kerry Park and Woodland Park Zoo definitely deserve a mention. Make sure that you plan your trip to Seattle well in advance, and keep a couple of days off to visit nearby areas, especially Arlington. Book your stay and tickets now!