Snowshoeing is an excellent way to enjoy the adventurous aerobic exercises on the snow. Traditionally, snowshoeing was not a sports activity but a survival activity to arrange food and shelter during harsh snow showering winters. With advanced technologies, modern snowshoe has evolved to experience a sportive snowshoeing activity.

Tourisme Bromont has created an online directory for all tourist attractions available in Bromont. They provide tourisme en famille assistant through 24/7 customer service. You can rely on them for all your needs during your holiday trip. They have tourist guides and tour advisors to provide guidance for getting best accommodations and eatery in Bromont.

Bromont has over 1000 kilometers of trails and huge mountains to experience elegant hiking, skiing, and trails. You may visit the Bromont Tourist office for any related site queries and assistance like travel map, snowshoe and much more. Bromont offers many daily and season passes to enjoy your holiday trip. It is widely surrounded by forests and mountains and is the home to many amazing species of animals and amphibians.

Mount Gale

While in Bromont, you can visit Mount Gale for your hiking and trails activities. It has steep slopes for better snowshoeing. You can climb to the Grillion and the Grand Duke to view the scenery of the entire Bromont city. It has a network of over 11 trails for hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Mont Brome

The Mont Brome is over 10 kilometers long trail in Bromont. It has a large forest area and lies near the foothills of the mountain. It offers a variety of activities like waterslides, winter sports and hiking. You can take the chairlift to view the amazing mountain-top scenery. It has one of the finest and popular alpine ski resorts, the Ski Bromont. It is the top center for most of the skiers and snowboarders.

Mont Glen

It is one of the tourist attractions for sports activities like hiking and snowshoeing with over 15 kilometers long trails having several loops. You can take a glance of surrounding elegant and beautiful mountains like Owl’s Head and Orford.

Les Cèdres

You can fulfil your favourite gliding thrills at Les Cèdres. It has over 24 kilometers of trails with many heart throbbing golf courses, plentiful mesmerizing trees and lakes.

Parc National de la Haute

With over 20 kilometers of trails, you can travel through sparkling green forest and meet a lovely white-tailed deer. It has a large water reservoir for boating activities. These water bodies have different species of fishes, ducks and many other animal species. You can also enjoy snowshoeing and skiing trails with your family.