If you have been craving for a winter break away from bustling city sounds, South Dakota has quite a few interesting destinations. Skiing lovers often prefer Terry Peak, summit of which is at 7,100 feet. For those who always wanted to go skiing in the South Dakota mountains, Terry Peak is a great choice by all means. It remains one of the most premier destinations for vacationing, and you can even choose to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding here. Terry Peak, for the uninitiated, is in the Black Hills of South Dakota, closed to the famed Deadwood.

What to expect at Terry Peak?

There are more than 30 trails in Terry Peak, and there are five ski lifts, of which one is a surface ski lift. Interestingly, it has the highest lift service between the Alps and the Rockies! Terrain variety makes Terry Peak even more engaging for novice and intermediate skiing enthusiasts. There are enough of progressive jumps, and the snow carpet ensures a smooth and wonderful ride up the terrain. All the lifts meet at the top of Terry Peak, so if you want to find your own adventure and allow your friends to do the same, that is possible.

Staying and more

The closest town to Terry Peak is Lead, which is pretty much a small town. If you want to enjoy the best of stay, head to the Stewart Lodge, which also has a rental shop, from where you can get your skiing equipment. There is also a nice café for the warm coffees. Another stay option is Nevada Gulch Lodge, and you can buy lift tickets from both the stay options. Throughout the season, Terry Peak has a bunch of different events, and you can check for the event calendar online to find necessary information.

When to go to Terry Peak?

The season starts somewhere in the first week of December, depending on weather and temperature. You can find updates online, so it is easy to book. The snowboarding season and skiing classes go all the way until the end of March, so the overall time to visit Terry Peak is quite extensive.

If you always wanted to go to South Dakota and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, there is hardly a destination as beautiful, quite and serene as Terry Peak. Not to forget, adventure activities are anyway worth the time alone.